Our Philosophy is to provide the highest quality dentistry available, in a professional and caring atmosphere; and to translate this philosophy and atmosphere to our patients by our actions.

Dental Care for Families:

At the Cholakis Dental Group we understand the realities of today's busy families. Between school, practices and other commitments, we know how frustrating it is to take time from your busy schedule to make multiple trips to the dentist. By working closely with our sister clinic, Kids Dental, we make every effort to schedule your entire family in a single visit!

Dental Care for Seniors:

We offer comprehensive care for senior family members. Complete restorative and periodontal care including custom fitted dentures, dental crowns, bridges and dental implants.

Dental Implants in Winnipeg:

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth and also provide a fixed solution to having removable partial or complete dentures. Dental implants are artificial roots and teeth (usually titanium) that are surgically placed into the upper or lower jawbone by a dentist or periodontist — a specialist of the gums and supporting bone. The teeth attached to implants are very natural looking and often enhance or restore a patient's smile! For more detailed information regarding implants, please visit the Cholakis Implant Site.

Dental Care for Children:

If you have young children and are looking for a unique and wonderful dental experience, please out our sister clinic — Kids Dental. At Kids Dental they're making tooth decay history. In the past, dentists have managed tooth decay with a surgical, invasive approach, primarily filling cavities. Little attention has been paid to the germ that caused the cavity in the first place. Our approach is different. We emphasize a medical approach that focuses on early intervention and prevention of this infectious disease through bacterial testing and innovative preventive treatments.


Practicing in an advanced, ultra-modern facility, the dentists of the Cholakis Dental Group have been recognized for their numerous achievements and honors.

Meet our dentists:

Dr. Ernest Cholakis, DMD, MBA

Dr. Stephan Kosowski, BSc., DMD

Dr. Anna Le, DMD

Dr. Tom Janaway, BPE, DMD

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"Cholakis Dental Group is proud to support Olympus: The Greco-Roman Collections of Berlin as the Title Sponsor, " states Dr. Ernest Cholakis of Cholakis Dental Group. "Olympus represents more than just priceless artwork; it reminds us that a society fuelled with creativity, inquiry, and energy can still resonate many centuries later." > Learn More