Dr. Joanna Forbes

Dr. Joanna Forbes

Winnipeg Dentist Dr. Joanna Forbes attended the University of Saint Thomas in Colombia, where she received her graduate degree in dentistry in 2008, and a post-graduate degree in orthodontics in 2012. Upon graduation, Dr. Forbes settled in Quebec and started working towards getting her dental license in Canada.

Dr. Forbes’ lifelong passion for dentistry formed early in life and was a direct result of the positive experiences she had with her own orthodontist during her youth in Táchira, Venezuela.

With a desire to advance her skills, Dr. Forbes attended the International Dental Degree Program at the University of Manitoba in 2017, where she received the Canadian Academy of Periodontology Award of Excellence, the 3M ESPE Canada Student Clinical Award, the American Association of Orthodontists Award, as well as the Dr. Taras Yuri Snihurowycz Scholarship. Upon graduation in 2019, Dr. Forbes’ passion led her to join our talented team here at the Cholakis Dental Group with an interest in children’s dentistry.

When she’s not helping her patients have great dental appointments, Dr. Forbes enjoys staying active by playing tennis and continues her family tradition of sculpting novelty cakes from scratch, using the techniques passed down from her mother and grandmother.

Dr. Forbes is also fluent in Spanish and is currently accepting new patients to her practice! She looks forward to being able to create the same kind of positive dental experiences for her patients that she herself had growing up.