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Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive?

IS A SIMPLE SPOONFUL of ice cream enough to make you cringe because of the pain in your teeth? Do you have to be careful when you drink hot coffee that none of it touches your chompers? If you know the feeling, then you’re one of millions who experience tooth sensitivity. Let’s take a closer look at what causes tooth sensitivity and what can we do about it. How We Feel Sensation In Our Teeth Each of our teeth is covered […]

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Vacation Tips To Keep Your Smile Healthy!

SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE and you know what that means–family vacations, impromptu getaways and fun trips! Just like you, we couldn’t be more excited. As dental professionals, however, we want to make sure that when you leave on vacation, you don’t leave your oral hygiene behind. Follow these tips to keep your teeth healthy and bright, even when you’re traveling! Have A Dental Checkup Before Leaving Town Nothing can ruin a vacation quite like a toothache or other dental emergency. And […]

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Cholakis Dental Group 35th Anniversary

35 years ago, Dr. Ernest Cholakis started the Cholakis Dental Group with one goal in mind, to serve Winnipeggers with the best dental experience possible! In that time, our Tuxedo clinic has seen a lot of changes, but the one thing that has always remained consistent is the care and quality of service we show to each and every one of our patients. Here are some great pics to show just how far things have come here at the Cholakis […]

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