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Dental X-Rays: It’s Time For Your Close-Up

  IF WE ASKED you to list three things that happen in a typical dental exam, dental X-rays would probably be one of them. But do you know what they’re used for? It depends on the type of X-ray, so let’s look at what these are. Getting The Wide Shot With Panoramic X-Rays If you’ve ever stood on a circular thing with your chin on a little platform and been told to stand still for a few seconds while a machine […]

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Kids Dental parents receive FREE Exam & X-Rays at the Cholakis Dental Group

  For a limited time only, Kids Dental parents can now receive a FREE New Patient Exam and X-rays (valued up to $299) at the Cholakis Dental Group! With our two sister clinics, the Cholakis Dental Group (dental care for adults) and Kids Dental (dental care for children) working side-by-side under one roof, we can simplify your life with the convenience of being able to schedule your entire family’s appointments for a single visit. Claim your FREE New Patient Exam and X-Rays […]

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Straight Teeth: Not Just About Looks

  THE MOST OBVIOUS impact of orthodontic treatment is a straighter, more attractive smile. While it is true that we tend to perceive people with properly aligned teeth as happier and more successful, the benefits aren’t just superficial. Clearer Speech Do you remember the lisp you had between losing your two front teeth and the adult ones growing in? Based on that, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that our teeth are a crucial component to our ability to speak […]

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