Dentistry for Seniors

At the Cholakis Dental Group, we offer comprehensive dental care for the entire family, including seniors. We believe that comfort and convenience are key, and that’s why seniors love that we offer a wide range of specialty dental services on-site. Located in Tuxedo Park Shopping Centre in Winnipeg, our office is easy to access and there is plenty of parking available at all times of day.

Seniors Encounter New Oral Health Challenges

As you age, your physical ability to look after your teeth may diminish. This can be caused by arthritis or other conditions that can limit mobility. We often take for granted how simple something like flossing can be, but with limited dexterity it can be a huge challenge! We have experience working with people of all ages and dental needs, and it is our pleasure to recommend an electric toothbrush or other tools to assist with your day-to-day oral health.

Medications and Dry Mouth Lead to Tooth Decay

A wide range of medications including cancer treatments can lead to dry mouth and other oral health issues. Many seniors rely on hard candies to help produce saliva, but this addition of sugar can lead to more tooth decay and a host of other tooth problems. For seniors, comprehensive cleanings and exams are essential to keeping your original teeth healthy for as long as possible.

Specialty Dental Services for Winnipeg Seniors

As your dental needs change, we’re here to help. Cholakis Dental offers complete on-site restorative and periodontal care, including custom-fitted dentures, dental crowns, bridges and dental implants. To help keep your smile looking fresh and young, we also offer restorative and cosmetic dentistry services including bonding, teeth whitening and more!